Albums and Books Accessories

Gift Box

A cardboard box, in black or white, made with a modern and elegant design.

  • Outer box in black or white leatherette
  • Inner box in black or white cardboard
  • Black or white elastic ribbon
  • White, black or black with brilliants elastic ribbon
Carry Case for Albums and Books
Rigid cardboard box for Digital Albums and Books

Presentation Box

Presentation Box is a simple and practical way to protect the album or book, without having to give up the elegance conferred by a box.

  • Rigid cardboard box with lid
  • Available in black or white
  • Available for albums and books
  • Can be sold separately

Carry Case

An elegant choice to preserve the album or book and carry it wherever you want, in a classic way, to attract the attention of even the most oblivious.

  • Exterior made with 1 bicast leather (materials available upon request)
  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • Available for albums and books
  • Can be sold separately
Carry Case for Digital Albums and Books
Handmade CD/DVD case

DVD Case

With a full wrap customizable cover, this DVD case is a creative and refined way to save the pictures in a digital format, that blends perfectly for your ultimate photo package.

  • Hardcover options: Basik or Selekt bicast leather collections or luster photo paper with glossy finish
  • Interior lined in black velvet
  • Capacity for 1 or 2 DVD
  • Sold separately
  • Carefully handmade

Material Samples

In an elegant box, the material sample allows you to show your customers the materials used.
It helps them choose, it helps you sell.

  • Black cardboard box
  • Can contain between 20 or 30 swatches
  • Samples: Materials, Linings and Ribbons
Material Sample for Digital Albuns and Books