How to build a perfect communion pack

March 4, 2018 Tips and Tricks

For this communion season Koy Lab is focused on giving you all the help might need.

Here are our recommendations:

1) Get inspired and create your style:

Surround yourself by creative ideas!

Take a look at Communion clothing catalogues, magazines and Pinterest and start figuring out what you want to convey. Check out these references and get inspired:


Rosa Clara

El Corte Inglés

Plan what colours you want to enhance and which style and props you will use, whether you are going to shoot these portraits in a studio or outdoors.

2) Choose the products you will showcase to your clients:

Deliver something nice that both parents and kids enjoy. You don’t need to spend amhuge amount of money! We have a wide product range with prices that fit every need!

To help you select what to present on your Communion Campaign, here is Koy Lab’s selection for 2017:


Mini Books

Kandid Books

Portrait Box

Proof Box – check out the video here

Mini Book Box – check out the video here

We have multiple options, different photographic papers and a large selection of bicast leathers to get the best artwork in every book, always with top quality finishes that can assure the images will last a lifetime.

3) Contact us

Our Koy Team is ready to give you all the support you need. We know that many times during this rush period you can not communicate with us over the phone, so the easiest way is through e-mail:

For any query or doubt you can also contact the Koy Lab Representative in your area!

4) Make the process easier:

Create a workflow and simplify all the processes!

Everything should be ready for you to drag the photos and put the name of the little one you photographed! For album design use Smart Album or Fundy Software and save time doing the layout of your books.

Koy Lab designed a pack of Communion templates for Photo Books and Portrait Boxes that are available on our platform for you to easily customise the covers of these products.


Good luck!