10 Commandments to become a QEP, by Pierre Delaunay

January 29, 2014 Tips and Tricks

By Pierre DelaunayHumanist and social photographer, a QEP (Qualified European Photographer) in Wedding, has two MQEP (Master Qualified European Photographer), being the first french MQEP, and a Koy Lab Ambassador.


10 Commandments to become a QEP:

  1. You’ll have an original idea, you’ll enroll in QEP and creativity will arise. You’ll choose 12 works, you’ll make a series and you’ll tell a tale.
  2. You’ll show your presentation, you’ll listen to your peers’ opinions, you’ll choose color or monochrome (but you’ll never mix the two of them) and you’ll feel in harmony.
  3. You’ll scrutinize the regulation, you’ll avoid mounts too thick and you’ll sublimate the finishing.
  4. In beautiful images you’ll be inspired, but you shall never copy them.
  5. You’ll avoid photos too classic and, instead, you’ll prefer a series of 12 clasic ones.
  6. You’ll be directed in a unique and personal style, you’ll dispose your pictures from left to right and you’ll organize a slideshow.
  7. You’ll provide faultless and high quality prints, you’ll look for a good printer and he will print your images as if they were meant for an exhibition.
  8. You’ll be asked a copyright work, you’ll be creative from A to Z and you’ll convey feelings and emotions through your images.
  9. You’ll be discrete in front of the jury, you’ll try to seduce them and you’ll win.
  10. You’ll safely ship your work, strongly believing that you’ll win a QEP and all of Europe will applaud you!