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Moda Framed Acrylic

A 3mm HD Acrylic is inset into a precision cut aluminium frame with a small stepped rebate for a sophisticated finish. For a softer refined finish, this frame is available with 8 real wood veneers providing sleek slimline style that cannot be matched by traditional wooden frames.

  • 3mm Crystal clear plexiglas
  • Frame : Slim 5mm front & 35mm depth
  • Frames available in 12 colours
  • 8 finishes have real wood veneers
  • Velvet lined backing for a luxurious feel
  • Hi-definition 12 colour printing
  • Certified for 100+ years
  • Supplied in a presentation box

Shapes and Sizes




25x30cm | 10x12in
30x41cm | 12x16in
30x46cm | 12x18in
41x51cm | 16x20in
41x61cm | 16x24in
51x61cm | 20x24in
51x76cm | 20x30in
61x76cm | 24x30in
61x91cm | 24x36in

30x30cm | 12x12in
41x41cm | 16x16in
51x51cm | 20x20in
61x61cm | 24x24in
76x76cm | 30x30in

30x25cm | 12x10in
41x30cm | 16x12in
46x30cm | 18x12in
51x41cm | 20x16in
61x41cm | 24x16in
61x51cm | 24x20in
76x51cm | 30x20in
76x61cm | 30x24in
91x61cm | 36x24in