HD Acrylic

The HD Acrylic is the premier product on the market and has become one of our best selling ranges. Printed using the finest 12 colour technology and with our specially selected premium grade materials. Our fine white backing seals the image and protects it from heat and moisture.

  • 5mm Crystal clear plexiglas
  • Facemounted with the highest grade fine art adhesive
  • Diamond polished edges
  • Supplied ready to hang with an aluminium subframe
  • Hi-definition 12 colour printing
  • Inks certified for 100+ years
  • Supplied in a white presentation box (up to 50 x 30cm)

Shapes and Sizes




25x30cm | 10x12in
30x41cm | 12x16in
30x46cm | 12x18in
41x51cm | 16x20in
41x61cm | 16x24in
51x61cm | 20x24in
51x76cm | 20x30in
61x76cm | 24x30in
61x91cm | 24x36in

30x30cm | 12x12in
41x41cm | 16x16in
51x51cm | 20x20in
61x61cm | 24x24in
76x76cm | 30x30in

30x25cm | 12x10in
41x30cm | 16x12in
46x30cm | 18x12in
51x41cm | 20x16in
61x41cm | 24x16in
61x51cm | 24x20in
76x51cm | 30x20in
76x61cm | 30x24in
91x61cm | 36x24in