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A family gathering, a children’s school party, a studio photo shoot or vacation photos. The sky is the limit and the most important moments come to life when gathered in a book.

  • Fujifilm photographic paper (Digital Paper Fujicolor Crystal Archive Type DPII)
  • No gutter or cut
  • Can hold up to 25 or 30 spreads
  • Standard spine
  • Flush mounted spreads
  • White core pages
  • 3 different cover options
  • 3 different photographic paper options
  • Lining: white or black cardboard
  • Carefully handmade

Basik Books

The Basik books suit weddings beautifully, and are also a wonderful option for family shoots and portraits.

Fabrik Books

Joyously light-weight, the Fabrik books suit weddings beautifully, and are also a wonderful option for family shoots and portraits. To customize it even more, the cover can be debossed with sayings of your choice.

Nubuk Books

Soft and refined with a slander construction. The Nubuk books’ rich textures will beautifully compliment your boudoir, portraiture, and documentary photography.

Photo Books

Photo Books’ aim is to aggregate simple but exquisite memories. This book has a hard cover made from photographic paper with a soft lamination coating touch.

Softkover Books

Softkover Books are soft-bound and can have light or heavy-weight pages, wrapped with range of cover materials from our Basik Collection to match our albums.

Kandid Books

These matted sleeve books are bound into a beautiful vinyl coated paper cover available in four soft colors. Match them with a sleeve of the same or different color and customize it by printing the names and dates in gold or silver foil.

Mini Books

In a reduced size, Mini Books are a lovely small way to give life to memories, in sizes that are able to be easily carried around. These small gems are great as a souvenir for weddings or any other occasions and also a very smart option for business cards or mini portfolios.