Christmas Orders Planning

octobre 21, 2017 Tips and Tricks

Get a head start on Christmas!

We’ve put together a few tips for christmas planning to help you beat the rush:


1. Plan in advance:

While you are working on an album or book project it is important to prepare for all the important steps for your Christmas orders planning:

  • Set small goals – like edit 20 photos, meet with client next week to approve the layout, etc. This will keep you on track and prevent you from dispersing your attention.
  • Schedules all the steps: get a calendar, set up your own deadlines and comply with the plan!

2. Select a few products:

Don’t loose yourself by offering a wide range of product options to you clients! Choose the size, shape and color combination that you want for your Albums, Book or Portrait Box and offer only those you selected.

3. Create templates:

Choose your Christmas trend and create a simple design that you can adapt to each one of your clients. You will save time by making a working basis from where you can then personalise each product.

4. Keep things well organised:

it’s important that you set up a filing system for all your clients’ files. All your images, layered psd files, completed images, should be saved and organised in folders you can easily access

5. Don’t leave it too late:

Sometimes things take a little longer than you might expect, so it’s best to order early but, you can get the delivery slot you want and avoid a last minute rush

6. Order before Christmas cut-off dates:

We recommend you don’t leave it for too late, so that you can get the delivery slot you want and avoid a last minute rush or disappointment. Plus if you place your orders in October at Koy Lab you’ll get a special promotional offer!

These tips will help you spread the cost and make this season as hassle-free as possible. Good luck!