Henk van Kooten | Octobre 2013

October 29, 2013 Featured Ambassador

Photographer Henk van Kooten is the most recent Koy Lab’s Ambassador, having joined the family earlier this month. We asked him a few questions to satisfy our curiosity. Read below!

How did you start your career in photography?
I started in 1997 my first studio. My full details about this is mentioned in http://www.henkvankooten.com/en/about-henk.

How would you define your photography style?
My style is more seen by others. I always had the feeling if you are pushed as ‘Style’, the future would not allow to change this anymore. Basicly my style is minimalistic. Influences by Kubism and Futurism Art. As far as the story line: my customer is my greatest inspiration. Bodylanguage is a direct interaction to make new and innovative imaging.

What are the biggest challenges you face in your profession?
The biggest challenges… Making choices where to go. I have so many things I like to do that it
feels like saying goodbye to other options. The challenge is also to make the new professional photography work.

What resources do you use to keep up to date?
My biggest resource is my customer. Commercial and Social. And life: news, contradictions, art, archticture, advertising-films, films, dance, sports.

What is your best advice for new photographers?
Go out of your comfort zone, make mistakes to learn. But only if you want to innovate yourself and your profession.

Why did you chose to work with Koy Lab?
Quality and also pricing & quality. But most important: SERVICE. Good communication, prompt responding on email and phonecalls. Quick delivery of the products.