David Newton | January 2014

January 9, 2014 Featured Ambassador

The ambassador of the month is the British Photographer David Newton! You can get to know a little more about him reading his answers to our questions, below.

How did you start your career in photography?
I started my photography as a picture editor in one of the world’s largest wildlife picture libraries. With a degree in marine biology, the natural world has always fascinated me so it seemed like a great opportunity to mix my love of images with my knowledge of nature and wildlife. It also gave me exposure to some of the top wildlife and landscape photographers working in the world at the time. I could study their work and see what they were doing and it gave me confidence that some of my work was as good as theirs.

How would you define your photography style?
I’m not sure I have a defined style as it changes depending on the subject I’m shooting. Because I photograph a wide range of subjects rather than sticking to just one, my style tends to evolve and change based on the situation and my mood. One thing I do like though is movement. If I can have a section of an image showing some movement, I prefer that to everything being static. For landscapes, I also have a preference for shooting in a vertical format. I’ve never known why, but my favourite landscape images (that I’ve taken) have all be portrait shaped.

What are the biggest challenges you face in your profession?
As with my style, the biggest challenge I face is determined by the subject. Photography is a series of problems to solve. It can sometimes feel like you have a jigsaw puzzle and you’re trying to put it together as quickly as possible before the light goes! Beyond the shooting, the biggest challenge is marketing myself effectively. It’s a well known fact that many of the “best” photographers are actually not that great at photography, but they market themselves very well and that gets them work. To succeed in photography, you need to be 1 part photographer and 2 parts businessperson.

What resources do you use to keep up to date?
Keeping up to date with the industry and technology is, in my opinion, best done through the web and by meeting up with fellow photographers. Just having a bundle of photographers in the same room brings up so many interesting conversations, it not only keeps you current with what is going on in the world, but it also gets the creative juices flowing.

What is your best advice for new photographers?
If you’re a new photographer looking to get into the industry, spend time on your marketing, don’t give away work or images for free and keep up your personal projects – they keep you fresh and interesting. I’d never advocate taking on work you don’t think you can deliver, but you should definitely take on work that moves you out of your comfort zone. Finally, shoot everything. You may be a wedding/social/press/sports/social/corporate/wildlife (delete as applicable) photographer, but by shooting subjects that are not your norm, you’ll learn more about yourself and your photography and you will keep developing as a photographer.

Why did you chose to work with Koy Lab?
In the world of digital photography, seeing a printed image is becoming ever more rare. However, photography was built on prints, so to see images in print is a way of reconnecting with the past and helping to create something more tangible than just bytes on a hard drive or pixels on a screen. I put a lot of time into my photography and want my images to look as good as they can, so working with Koy was an obvious choice. The printing is excellent and the range of books, albums and other projects allows me to show off my work to its best.