Ambassador of the month: DDiArte

February 12, 2014 Featured Ambassador

DDiArte, who earlier this year won a gold medal in the “World Photography Cup” (Illustrative / Art category), in the United States and a gold medal in the “Al Thani Awards of Photography” (General category) in Dubai, are the ambassadors of February. Read the exclusive interview!


How did you start your career in photography?
We started 11 years ago, when we discovered the full potential of digital photography and its manipulation with Photoshop, in six months we replaced brushes by a mouse and won our first international prize in Paris, which indicated that we were on our track, and from there on it became a true passion.

How would you define your photography style?
Our style is very much influenced by our painting, which we did before photography; the artistic nude, which always conveys a message to those who appreciate our work. We love to be inspired by not only Greek mythology, but also by religion, the sacred and the profane!

Which are the biggest challenges you face in your profession?
At this time, completing a few super productions that are being worked on for some years now, and keeping our style, we are always looking for innovation, always under constant experiences at all levels. The dissemination of our work, especially because we live on an island.


Which resources do you use to keep up to date?
The main resource is definitely the internet, in which is easier and faster to access everything that goes on in the photography world, conferences, trade fairs and events related to photography are very important, because the personal contact is irreplaceable.

What is your best advice for new photographers?
To make the type of images we make, we advise you to mentalize yourself that it will require a lot of patience and persistence, until everything is perfect. Never post a picture that you don’t think is perfect. Of course, be aware of frameworks, compounding lines and you need to have a big dose of creativity and artistic imagination. And, of course, dealing with models.

Why did you choose to work with Koy Lab?
Because it is a company of high quality in everything that it does and we think our work should be associated with an entity with these features, because we think that our works is worth it!